Changes call
for innovation,
and innovation
leads to progress
Who we are
Established in 2016 as a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) with an intent to uncover innovations and redefine banking in a digital era,
Digital Ventures had a strategy to invest in, experiment with, and integrate technological innovations for SCB. Venture Capital, Accelerator, and Discovery Lab & Digital Products were key functions in the first launch.
US$100 million fund Venture Capital
Since its launch, the fund has deployed capital worldwide to expand our know-how in forefront technologies ranging from big data analytics, blockchain, machine learning, location positioning to quantum computing.
Accelerator Program
Digital Ventures Accelerator (DVA) was an accelerator run by people who understood the frustration of scaling a startup and believed we could do something a little different to fix that problem. Launching in November 2016 crafted with a 6-month intensive program to tackle startups' core needs dedicatedly, we aimed to be the best startup accelerator the region has ever known.
Discovery Lab & Digital Products
Discovery Lab & Digital Products had been doing the research and innovative digital products and services involving in key technologies for vertical industries. This laboratory was built to leverage digital and deep technologies to craft new products and experiences
for SCB, our corporate partners, and end customers.
Launched U.REKA
U.REKA is a collaboration with leading local universities and industry partners to incubate and commercialize frontier deep technological innovations to foster Thailand’s innovation ecosystem.
Spun out from
Siam Commercial Bank
Spinning out from Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
on january 1st, 2020, Digital Ventures is pursuing its new milestone to become one of the leaders in financial technology.
Orapong Thien-Ngern
Chief Executive Officer
Paisal Kiattananan
Managing Director,
Technology and Innovation
Chirapol Mathawaphan
Managing Director,
Project Delivery
Director, Business Strategy
Code of Conduct for Suppliers
Digital Ventures conducts its business ethically and responsibility in line with principles of good corporate governance and commitment to protect, enhance and support society and environment in accordance with sustainable development approach to achieve a balance between the social, environmental, and business needs, enabling them to grow alongside each other in a sustainable way.
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Our achievement
our partner bank
and clients is real
and keeps growing.
This is just the beginning of our journey. We are looking to expand our success with banks and corporate clients around the world.
The Best Supply Chain
Solution Award
By The Asset 2019
Top-40 Finalists
for ASEAN Open Award
By Singapore FinTech 2019
Innovation Award for
New Product Development
By AITE Group 2019
Best New Fintech
Solution Provider
By International Finance Award 2020
Triple Star Award
By The Asset 2019
Fastest Growing FinTech
By The Global Economics Awards 2020
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