The procure-to-pay process in today's supply chain is a major pain point
for corporations and their suppliers across the world.  Being slow, insufficient,
largely manual and highly error-prone results in high cost and complex trail of paper documents.  Blockchain for Procure-to-Pay (B2P),
powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT), is revolutionizing the efficiency of global trade driving higher value at rapid speed for buyers, suppliers, and banks.
Unlock the Power of Blockchain for Supply chain.
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What We Believe
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What We Build
We build network ecosystem
with our partners around the world.
Our Solutions
B2P has been designed to boost efficiency at every step of the procurement process.  The solution allows buyers, their suppliers, and banks to share Purchase Orders, Good Receipts, and Invoices on a distributed ledger, based on agreed
data protection policies, to enable automation
of the entire procure-to-pay process.
Differentiated Solution
Banks can provide comprehensive financial services on top of B2P platform creating a market differentiation.
Customer Reach
Banks in general have very strong relationship in their local markets, especially with large corporations (buyers) and SMEs (suppliers).
Having cross-regional banks as partners will offer opportunities to create more innovative services to disrupt the current business model, such as using cryptocurrency to facilitate foreign exchange (FX), bank-to-bank guarantees without using letter of credit (LC), etc.
B2P Introduction
Meet our best-in-class procure-to-pay solution, so you can maximize efficiency and unlock value along your supply chain.
Reasons to choose B2P
Accounts payable automation alone already promises significant savings. However, when you choose B2P, you are not only getting a solution that eliminates today's inefficiency but it also equips you with advanced technology of tomorrow.
Efficiency and Cost Saving
Enable faster invoice processing to achieve lower operating cost and increase productivities through:
Automating invoice processing workflow
with AI matching algorithm.
Automating invoice posting to your ERP.
Eliminating payment reconciliation process.
Analytics and Insights
Equip your accounts payable staff with rich built-in analytic tools and actionable insights. Our dashboard solution will help you:
Prevent late payment to your suppliers.
Identify bottleneck in your Account Payable operation.
Benchmark and monitor your operational KPI.
Secure the health of your supply chain
Your supply chain is the most valuable strategic asset.
Our supply chain financing solution from partner bank helps accelerate payments, ensure consistent access
to financing, and provide lifeline against economic volatility and greater financial uncertainty.  
Exploring the commerce of tomorrow
Discover an array of services on the platform starting early with order-to-cash and cross-border trade solution. The DLT technology promises privacy, security, and scalability allowing you to stay ahead and be ready for the commerce of tomorrow.  
Real benefits
Customer First
Our mission is to bring financial technology to help the customer becoming leading technology driven organization achieving their service excellence.
Users can replace paper invoice with electronic invoices via the platform.
Saves time
B2P speeds up transactions and significantly increases the efficiency of the procurement process.
Increased business liquidity
B2P speeds up banks' invoice financing process from weeks to a day while also reducing cost and risk.
Lower costs
Lower the costs of doing business by process automation and resource reduction.
On-time payments
B2P eliminates payment lead time and automatically clears the receivables for suppliers.
Explore how the solution enables benefits
for all stakeholders
Benefits for Buyers
and Cost Saving
Enable faster invoice processing to achieve lower operating cost and increase productivities.
and Insights
Equip your accounts payable staff with rich built-in analytic tools and actionable insights.
B2P is tightly integrated with bank allowing payment to be easily reconciled on the platform.
Get Cash on
Your suppliers are able to get paid once goods have been delivered.
Benefits for Suppliers
No Application Form or
Documents To Be Submitted
Your suppliers can apply for invoice financing online via B2P platform without having to send in any other documents.
Lower Rate
Your supplier will enjoy a lower interest rate financing. Invoice financing on B2P is a better option for your suppliers comparing to traditional business loans.
Ability to onboard
suppliers of all size
B2P digital supplier onboarding solution enables partner banks to cut down significantly on their customer acquisition expense.
Benefits for Banks
Differentiate Value proposition
for your corporate clients
B2P solution provides a unique value proposition to your corporate client.
Invest into the commerce
of tomorrow
Blockchain and tokenization creates a new frontier of opportunity allowing banks to unlock the full potential of global supply chain.
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