B2P Platform
is the fully integrated
Blockchain solution
B2P establishes a digital ecosystem of buyers, suppliers and financial institutions. It also enables supply chain trading and finance process automation.

Digital Ventures Company Limited receives
ISO 27001:2013 certification for its
Blockchain Solution for Procure to Pay Platform (B2P)
ISO 27001:2013 achievement covers its information security management
and related information technology infrastructure supporting B2P platform.
Our Solutions
B2P has been designed to boost efficiency at every step of the procurement process.  The solution allows buyers, their suppliers, and banks to share Purchase Orders,
Goods Receipt, and Invoices on a distributed ledger, based
on agreed  data protection policies, to enable  
automation of the entire procure-to-pay process.
Blockchain Disrupting
Procure-to-Pay   Design
and Built on
Secure and transparent, Blockchain is a decentralized,
distributed digital ledger. Authorized parties share
universal views of transactions, that once recorded,
cannot be altered.
ERP Intergration
Integrate with existing ERP systems so that the Purchase Orders (PO) and Goods Receipt (GR), Invoice, Credit Note (CN) and Debit Note (DN) can be managed through B2P platform.
User friendly interface design
Provides users with personalized dashboard and data insights to improve productivity and ease of use.
Hassle-free e-Tax Invoice and e-Receipt
Supports e-Tax Invoice and e-Receipt file formats in accordance with the specifications from Thailland’s Government.
PO, GR, and Invoice Visibility
Enable all parties to access relevant information from PO
issuance to completion of payment. There is an additional
benefit for suppliers to request invoice financing online from
this platform.
3-Way Matching and Payment Visibility
Automatically matches and verifies the purchase orders, goods receipt and invoices. Also, the participants are able to track the status of approval and payment in real-time.
Greater Value   to All
Lower Costs Lower the costs of doing
business with process automation
Uplift Data Security
& Transparency
Every party share fact on the
platform which increases business
transparency and good governance
Save Time
Speeds up transactions and
significantly increases the efficiency
of the procurement process
Auto Payments
& Reconciliation
Optimize payment preparation and
automatically clears the receivables
for suppliers
Trade Documents
Reduces dependency
on paper-based trade documents
Increase Business Liquidity
Allows one-click financing request
and quickens the process from
weeks to days
Explore how the solution enables benefits
to all stakeholders
Benefits to Buyers
and cost saving
Enable faster invoice
processing to achieve lower
operating cost and increase
Improve payment
B2P check invoice correctness at the
invoice line item level against information
in Purchase Order and Goods Receipt.
This help ensure that all payments that
are made to their suppliers from B2P
platform are accurate.
Collaborate easier
with suppliers
Suppliers are able to receive
and acknowledge Purchase
Order real time. The platform
also provide invoice status
visibility to suppliers.
Benefits to Suppliers
Get cash on
Your suppliers are able to
get paid once goods have
been delivered.
One-click to
be financed
Once enrolled to B2P financing program,
supplier can request for invoice financing
or Purchase Order Financing on the
platform without having to submit any
supporting documents.
Access to working capital
with a lower rate
Invoice financing and Purchase
Order financing on B2P is a better
option for your supplier comparing
to traditional loan.
Benefits to Bank
Ability to onboard
suppliers of all size
B2P digital supplier onboarding solution
enables partner banks to cut down
significantly on their customer
acquisition expense.
Differentiate value proposition
for your corporate clients
B2P solution provides a unique
value proposition to your
corporate client.
Invest into the commerce
of tomorrow
Blockchain and tokenization creates a
new frontier of opportunity allowing
banks to unlock the full potential of
global supply chain.
Get paid early through
B2P supply chain finance
Helping your business to meet working capital needs
and providing a lifeline against future uncertainty.
B2P supply chain finance is a type of supplier finance that provides funding in a way that benefits everyone. 
Suppliers get paid by B2P's partner bank early with  
a fraction of fee to meet their critical working capital need.  Buyers will pay back to the funder in line
with normal credit term
Applying online 24 x 7
Fast approval
Low interest rate
No collateral or credit check required
Invoice  Finance
User-friendly Invoice Finance Wallet Portal
to request and manage loan transactions

Get paid by 24-hour once buyer approve invoice with
low interest rates
Getting paid early with simple  3 steps
Step 1
Submit invoice on B2P platform
and click “Request invoice financing”
Step 2
Buyers approve invoice on B2P
Step 3
Receive early payment to your
bank account within 24 hours
PO   Finance
User-friendly PO Finance Wallet Portal to
request and manage loan transactions

Get paid in real-time with low interest rates
Automatic repayment from invoices related to the
financed Purchase Order
Getting paid early in  3 steps
Step 1
Select purchase order and click
"Request PO Financing"
Step 2
Adjust the amount and due date
Step 3
Get paid real-time if the request is
within business hours
A network trusted by over 10,000 suppliers
including the nation’s large enterprises:
B2P Platform Terms & Conditions