Corporations can offer MeTang service to their employees without additional charges.
No Fee for Corporate
The MeTang will front employees' earned but unpaid wage; hence, there will be no interruption to corporate cash flow and payroll process.
Easy to Implement
A platform for corporations to use, which will enable corporations to provide on-demand salary advance.
By minimizing Employees’ financial constraints, Corporate can gain higher Employee satisfaction and may result in lower turnover and cost associated with recruitment and training.
Innovative Payroll Platform for a Better Employee’s Engagement
Higher Employee’s Engagement
A mobile application for the employee to access their earned but unpaid wage in real-time.
The employee can access the service from Bank's mobile application, and advance earned wage will be deposited to the employee’s payroll account.
On-demand Salary Advance Solution for Employee
Access through mobile
banking application
No credit checking is required as the advance salary
is the employee’s own wage.
No Credit Screening
No interest charge. The transaction fee will be tier-based.
We will charge employees upon every withdrawal of their earned but unpaid salary depending on the with drawal amount.
Fee-base Service
Our Solutions
MeTang Service & Features
of Payroll Solution
“ MeTang ” On-demand
Wage Access
We aim to propagate financial inclusion for monthly salary prefessional salary earners. MeTang enables the ordinary salary man or women with pre-withdraw a portion of their monthly salary at a pro-rata rate. This unlocks the age-old problem whereby workers are financially strained during the working month as well as helping to eliminate the problem of “informal loans.”
Greater Value to Company