Working process
Suppliers can follow up on payment status
real-time via PayZave platform
Benefits to Suppliers
Improve working capital by providing small discount to buyer
in exchange for early payment.
The more you pay early,
the greater you save
Our Solutions
A platform to facilitate the early payment between buyers and suppliers.
Suppliers get paid instantly after delivering goods or services
in exchange of a cash discount to buyer.
AVG Discount % (per year)
Discount Amount
6,230,200.00 Baht
Discount Received
Total Payment Amount
890,000.00 Baht
Please select early payment period for your payment report
Number of Invoice Paid
Discount Received
50,000.00 Baht
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Remark: In case your bank account balance is insufficient for early payment requested, system will automatically use your OD credit
Download payment report for accounting posting
Improve working
Easy access to the source of fund
with lower cost
No extra cost
No hidden fees or interest charged
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Cash Out Successfully
You have already requested early payment
for invoice No.17289111.
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Great Value to all
Benefits to
Improve profit margin by
getting trade discount in
exchange for early payment.
Buyer earns trade discount by paying invoice early.
Improve productivity
Reduce supplier's ad-hoc enquiries on invoice status. The platform allows suppliers to follow up
on invoice and payment status
by themselves
Opportunities for
suppliers to take
control of their
cash flow
Suppliers get an option to receive payment immediately after the goods and service
has been delivered.